What’s behind the sign

Lecture in Krakow

What is ex­cit­ing about wayfind­ing, about in­stalling graph­i­cal mes­sages in space, so that peo­ple fol­low them? How is sig­nage con­nected with other me­dia, for ex­am­ple with dig­i­tal me­dia? Sibylle Schlaich, founder and man­ag­ing di­rec­tor of Moni­teurs Kom­mu­nika­tions­de­sign GmbH, has de­signed and im­pleme­tend wayfind­ing sys­tems for the last fif­teen years. At the Goethe In­sti­tut in Krakow she will pre­sent Moni­teurs cur­rent work.