Film series of Heinz Emigholz


Also this year, the Film­ga­lerie 451 is rep­re­sented with a doc­u­men­tary by Heinz Emigholz at the Berli­nale. “Two Basil­i­cas” is a con­fronta­tion and jux­ta­po­si­tion of two churches. Ste­fan Kan­ter from Moni­teurs de­signed the poster, which is al­ready the thir­teenth in this se­ries. Adrian Curry writes on the film por­tal “MUBI”: „I was first struck by this beau­ti­ful poster, above, for his 2013 film The Airstrip and, dig­ging deeper, I dis­cov­ered a whole se­ries of posters for Emigholz’s work which ad­here to a sim­i­lar de­cep­tively util­i­tar­ian style…“
Ber­li­na­le 2018