Two times Kunsthalle Mannheim

Visitor wayfinding and poster

What a nice co­in­ci­dence! We ap­proached this pro­ject from two sides. Moni­teurs de­vel­oped the wayfind­ing sys­tem for the new Kun­sthalle Mannheim and de­signed the poster for the film “Years of Con­struc­tion“ by Heinz Emigholz, a long-term film por­trait of the Kun­sthalle Mannheim. The film will be shown at the 69th Berli­nale. A big thank you to our team, the Kun­sthalle, gmp Ar­chitek­ten and OH Stu­dio for the great co­op­er­a­tion and to Ste­fan Kan­ter for the beau­ti­ful poster!
Years of con­struc­tion