Kunsthalle Praha

Visitor wayfinding system

The Kunsthalle Praha, whose name alludes to Prague’s multicultural past, is reviving the building of the former Zenger Transformation Station in the historic centre of Prague. At this exposed location, it is accessible to the widest possible audience.  

Kunsthalle Praha
Wayfinding system

Prague 2022

The Pudil Family Foundation

6.000 sqm

Schindler Seko Architekti s.r.o.

Interior Design
Axel Kufus, Marlene Oeken

Corporate Design
Studio Najbrt

Stefan Schilling

The wayfinding system leads visitors to and through three large gallery spaces, the design shop, the bistro and the café. Most of the building was gutted and rebuilt. However, parts of the existing building were also left in place, creating an exciting spatial experience with several intermediate levels, views and exits for the visitors. A complex challenge.

The concise arrow, derived from the Kunsthalle logo, not only points the way, but also summarises the individual goals for the viewer. The typeface drawn by Mark Pistora is based on a design by Jan Tschichold.

The pictograms, the letters and the arrow, formally derived from the script, are made of burnished iron and applied individually to the roughly beaten concrete. The contrast of these materials, the pure application and the lightness of the arrangement create a visual appeal that unfolds in the interior, yet recedes in favour of the art.