The Grid

Building wayfinding system

In the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg, PANDION OFFICEHOME developed a modern commercial courtyard with contemporary, flexible spaces as an optimal “new work environment” for start-ups and traditional companies alike. Eike Becker Architekten designed a building with an urban loft character. The wayfinding system gives the building complex a visual identity and creates orientation.

The Grid
Wayfinding system

Berlin 2022

Pandion AG

13.400 m2

Eicke Becker Architekten

Light installation
In cooperation with “Architektur im Licht“

Stefan Schilling

PANDION OFFICEHOME The Grid supports new ways of working with, among other things, the theme of health promotion – for example, in the form of large trim wall graphics and a particularly bicycle-friendly design of the underground car park with a low entry slope and shower facilities. Moniteurs designed individual graphics and motifs to inspire and accompany all users in a friendly manner. Typography: The combination of the geometric typeface Foundry Gridnik and a semi-bold serif typeface makes the signage system a mix of styles typical of Berlin Kreuzberg.

The logo was designed by Moniteurs to complement the PANDION brand and staged as a light sculpture in the courtyard entrance.
The courtyard is structured like a classic commercial courtyard, but with a contemporary appearance. A site plan provides a quick overview of the premises.
Next to the lifts are level overviews where new tenants can be added as required.
Black, white and green – and a striking location marking in red – a minimal colour concept runs through all elements of the wayfinding system.
The stretching exercises “Wannseeente”, “Berliner Ring” and the “Goldelse” make you want to use the stairs instead of the lift.
The multi-storey car park is integrated into the overall visual concept. Areas for tenant logos or the allocation of parking spaces are thought of at the same time.
Cyclists welcome! PANDION OFFICEHOME The Grid offers comfortable bicycle parking in sufficient quantity.