Berlin ExpoCenter City

Wayfind­ing and Ori­en­ta­tion Sys­tem

Messe Berlin is one of the largest trade fairs in Ger­many, with 170,000m² of hall ex­hi­bi­tion space and an out­door area of 100,000m². The site and build­ing struc­ture, which has grown over decades, of­fers an ex­cit­ing, city-like en­vi­ron­ment that of­fers vis­i­tors high an ex­pe­ri­en­tial char­ac­ter.

Moni­teurs de­vel­oped a com­pre­hen­sive ori­en­ta­tion con­cept, which is in­te­grated into Sub-pro­jects, such as the plan­ning of dig­i­tal sig­nage, the event app for vis­i­tors and the con­cept for cur­rent and fu­ture struc­tural re­design of the site.

Mes­se Ber­lin
Wayfind­ing and Ori­en­ta­tion Sys­tem
In­door and Out­door

Berlin since 2019


Messe Berlin GmbH

180.000 m² 28 partly multi-storey hallcom­plexes

1100 regional, national and international own and guest events, 2,000,000 visitors per year

The result was a consistent, holistically designed guidance system for the indoor and outdoor areas that guides visitors – regardless of nationality, experience, aspiration and objective – fluently through the exhibition grounds. The new signage system has a high degree of flexibility in terms of both content and construction and simplifies the handling of the branded signage systems for the more than 100 events that take place annually at around 1230 signage locations.

The chosen wayfinding font ”Millbank” is particularly suitable for reading from the side and allows for optimal capture of information in winding and complex buildings and is therefore ideally suited for use on the exhibition site. Moniteurs developed a pictogram family adapted to the characteristics of the font.

The curves of the heads are taken from the “o” of the Mill­bank. Avoid­ing pointed cor­ners as far as pos­si­ble en­sures the leg­i­bil­ity of oblique vi­sual axes.

For orientation on the site, Moniteurs developed a simplification of the inhomogeneous building structure through a schematic representation – the Connector-Map. Hall connections become visible and buildings, transitions, staircases and intermediate areas are visually separated and enable a quick survey of the site.

Landmarks serve as navigation aids in the Connector-Map and in the distinctive architecture, i.e. the visual features of the landmarks are easy to remember and recognise.

The Connector-Map is used on various information carriers, both digital and analogue, and can be displayed at major events in the respective corporate design.
In addition to the horizontal signage, there are information carriers in the stairwells that distribute the visitors across the levels. Branding options and event information were planned for the digital signage elements in collaboration with the company Pave.